Combatting isolation with remote studying, helping students form friendships while at home and encouraging spontaneous interactions. The aim is to simulate an immersive learning environment so that students can experience the social aspect of university life from their homes.

What it does

VR environment simulating a homeroom, with the ability to interact with fellow students in different capacities including:

  • Study room
  • Hang out room
  • Game room

The room also includes an announcements board to get the latest updates, link to the library website, and even stress-relief items such as a ball and net.

How we built it

PlayCanvas project with multiplayer client server architecture, server deployed on AWS (Fargate, Lambda, DynamoDB), and Angular landing page.

Challenges we ran into

Enabling multiplayer in PlayCanvas VR and state management of multiplayer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Immersive VR experience with the ability to spin off into other websites.

What we learned

How to build and deploy a multiplayer server.

What's next for Homeroom VR App

Modelling of actual university rooms, player customization, custom activities in VR.

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