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Built for students and educators of all ages, HomeRoom is the center you need to stay focused when studying or teaching online. As an easy-to-use interactive browser extension, HomeRoom meets all your productivity needs in one simple, streamlined format - always just a click away. Given its format as an extension, HomeRoom can be used on nearly every device!

Todo Lists

A staple of every productive student or educator's life is the todo list. HomeRoom's Tasks feature allows you to create multiple lists to subdivide your work into manageable task lists. You can also store links for your reference in this section!


Class Reminders

To manage your online classes, HomeRoom keeps track of what classes you are taking and when those classes meet. In addition, the extension will allow you to store a recurring video meeting link, and will create a section in the Tasks tab to help you keep track of assignments.


Pomodoro Timer

Following the principles of the Pomodoro productivity model, the HomeRoom timer will help you stay on track throughout the day. With this timer in the background as you work, you can easily alternate between longer periods of focused work and short breaks to keep yourself refreshed!


Website Blocker

To further help you stay on track during your periods of work, HomeRoom will block you from a custom list of distracting websites. The extension can prevent you from wasting time by adding the URLs of sites you want to avoid when focusing.


Additional Features

In extension options, choose between light mode and dark mode to meet your preference!

light1 dark1

light2 dark2

How to Install

  1. Download source files from this repository.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/.
  3. Turn on Developer Mode.
  4. Click the "Load Unpacked" button at the top.
  5. Select the local folder with downloaded files.
  6. HomeRoom should appear in the Extensions menu in the top right of your browser now!
  7. Right-click to pin HomeRoom for quick access.

Technical Summary

The front end of this software is developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including JQuery and Bootstrap functions. Data is stored in the Chrome background using browser functions, and will be associated with user Google accounts through an implementation of OAuth. Furthermore, user data will be stored in a MongoDB database, which uses Google Cloud Platform and Python functions.

The code for the extension popup is located in the popup.html and popup.js files, background functions in background.js, and extension options in options.js and options.html.

Product Demo

View our team's product demo here!

Next Steps

This extension was initially built during the HackThis, HackIllinois Event. While our submission has some incomplete features and glitches, the product currently has some level of functionality for each of our four primary features. We plan to fix all these issues in the coming days and publish this extension to the Chrome App Store, so that students learning from home during the COVID-19 crisis can utilize our app and better focus during distance learning.

In addition, we will soon add a database backend, integration with Google calendar, and sharing features to build a more immersive experience for our users. HomeRoom will also be expanded to Firefox and other web browsers to reach a wider audience.

Contributors: Shruthik M, Kaylin L, Mallika P, Abby M, Mitali C, Muntaser S, Sebastian O

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