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Background--Super High Medical Costs

The U.S. is famous for over-spending on health care. The nation spent 17.8 % of its GDP on health care in 2016.

Why do we need a new form of medical help?

Many people cannot afford or don't want to pay much if they just get little sick. For those who are not sick, if their bills are covered by insurance company, it's a waste of medical resources. Thus, for people who are qualified in medical skills can help others when they are free. For example, retired doctors can still help patients; medical school graduates are able to provide some medical help for patients. This new type of medical help may encourage more people to help others. Under such a situation, we want to design an app that can connect the patients with medical expert nearby in the shortest time, and be assisted.

Our functionality

For our app, our goal is not just to connect a patient with a nearby doctor and be cured, but to have a people with a medical qualification of background that can provide a 'temporary emergency treatment' to the patient in the shortest time, and assist with what should do next. Under the emergency situation, by simply clicking the red Emergency button, our app with find you 2 specialist( which may have a better probability of saving your life!!!) and call the ambulance for you at the same time. The specialists will provide assistance before the arrival of the ambulance, and it doesn't conflict with the arrival because the specialists are there to increase the living probability.


For the huge medical billing we mention above, when a patient is going to call the assistance, they only first need to pay 20$ copay. And the rest of the fee of having medical assistance will be decided by professional medical organizations.
Please refer to our flow chart in our attachment


For the core algorithm, we use React Native to simulate the process of finding the nearest medical specialist with your specific symptom. We randomly generate specialists and their status(availability, location, specialty), and when the user is requested, for non-emergency, the fastest arriving(apple map api), available and suitable(specialty fits into the need) specialist will be matched.

Connection with women

As we know, emergency assistance is one of the major requirement to have a nurse certification, thus when we use Homepital, there's a great chance a nurse nearby will come and help you. According to our research, in the USA, female vs. male nurse is 10:1. And must of the time, the number of nurses may not have the chance to work in their special field( due to the outnumber of candidates). Thus, we believe our app can provide more working opportunity for nurse, especially female nurse( due to the ratio).

Challenges I ran into.....

For our project, the biggest challenge is the working flow and what should our app do under many different situations, like 'what happens if the patient is more than one people', or ' how to identify the patient and impose the fee, ID or SSN?'. We consider many of those and design many different features in our app that can apply to most of the situation. Also, the algorithm was a bit complicated, we ran into problems like "targets on the ocean", dealing with google map api, match request with shortest arriving time specialist.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had designed an app that can be included as part of the social benefit and actually creating value for this society!.

What I learned

The different stage of composing an idea, and how to implement it with technology.

What's next for Homepital

We will first find more qualified specialists that can be part of the saving life project, and more nonprofit-organizations or government organizations that are willing to cover the fee for the patient. And then optimize our algorithm to be adapted to more specific request( like keyword extraction)

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