The market for building materials in India is largely informal, and over 70% of transactions processed face-to-face or through the telephone. After first-hand experience of how many challenges all stakeholders face in the financing, procurement, and execution of a construction project, we felt this experience could be enhanced with the help of more modern technology.

What it does

Homepecked allow individual households and construction companies query, compare, and order building construction materials through a voice interface powered by Amazon Alexa. AI software optimizes the price that customers pay based on real-time supply information, exclusive manufacturer rates, and differing shipping speeds. This information is delivered through an engaging voice interface that lets you get quotes, make estimates, and place orders faster and more easily than through a human being.

How I built it

The service is available through the Indian Alexa Skill store ("Homepecked") and hosted on Amazon AWS. Real time quotes for building supply materials are stored in an S3 Bucket and the relevant price estimate is calculated through AWS Lambda. A microservice hosted a Lightsail server is the endpoint for our Alexa Skill.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first experience with building an Alexa skill and using the APL to author multimodal experiences

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning APL overnight

What I learned

How transferable backend development skills with node are in creating Alexa skills

What's next for Homepecked

We will continue to refine our MVP with a select group of customers

Built With

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