We thought that we could do an Airbnb for parking slots, so people don't have to pay expensive parking's in the center of cities. As parking isn't something you do for so long as going on a vacation we found the need to make it posible for people to access the places (parking) without any key, just with the app. So this system would be complemented with automatic garage doors making it posible to open them through the app.

What it does

The app let hosts rent their parking slot for hours, days and long-term one's. Also it let's guests to rent a parking with the same options.

How we built it

We built an API to host everything related to the server that contains info of the parking slots and reservations. Also we built the iOS app with Swift with some UI made from our designer.

Challenges we ran into

We knew from the beginning that we wouldn't have the necessary experience to develop using ruby but we took this as a challenge that made us learn new things and get better. Finnish weather took a toll on our designer..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Only being 2 dev's was hard and we couldn't do as much work as others with more dev's in the team, but we could build something amazing that could be an MVP in just a few days.

What we learned

We learned how to make the API with ruby.

What's next for HomePark

Team members will discuss it's continuity as a project as it's a viable project and we may want to get into it.

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