Children are far more susceptible than adults to extreme temperature changes because of their high skin-to-volume ratio. Children lose and gain heat very quickly. But, their bodies also cope with these changes in temperature for far longer than adults do. Children may appear normal for longer than adults would in extreme temperature, but children will often deteriorate suddenly and rapidly without warning, making conditions like hypothermia or hyperthermia potentially deadly.

What it does

We have built an android phone app that receives heart rate, skin temperature, UV levels and motion data from the microsoft band. The band would be on the child's wrist and the phone will be on the child's person. The app then transmits the data to a web server. The server then relays the data to a website that parents can monitor while their children are out playing. Data is presented in graphs and if any of the data points exceed certain threshold values signifying a risk of hypothermia, hyperthermia or sunburn, parents will be notified on the website.

How we built it

We used the Microsoft Band sdk to access the Band data and then sent that data to Firebase. The website that received the data from Firebase was built in angular.js. Graphs were generated using c3.

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