It's a week until you leave for your 2 week vacation. You have a lot of tomatoes and onions left but you don't know what to do with them. Right next door, Thomas has a bunch of leftover peppers he doesn't know what to do with. A few floors down from your room, Simon Peter happens to cook better Jollof rice, his favorite Nigerian dish, better than any restaurant he found. What if instead of wasting food, there's a way to put these ingredients to use while at the same time connect you with more people in a fun setting?

(Inspired by Simon Peter's affection for cooking)

What it does

Homemade is a social platform for people to pool ingredients and make delicious meals. A person volunteers to be the host and posts a recipe for a dish they want to make. Everyone in their extended network sees this offering and can choose to participate by contributing ingredients. At a set date, everyone gathers at the place of the host, enjoys a delicious meal, saves money, and gets the chance to bond in a new setting with other people.

Let's say you want to participate and you're unsure if a posted dish is good. No worries - with IBM's sentiment analysis technology, everyone can find out if it is generally well received. Ready to participate? Simply take pictures of each ingredient in your fridge you would like to use as your contribution and IBM's visual recognition technology will do the work in filling up what they are. Easy as that. (Go IBM!)

(We also did the backend of IBM's chatbot which would be able to help navigate first time users. However we ran out of time to create the UI so it is not included in the final product.)

How we built it

-Loopback and Bluemix to create RESTful APIs.

-Watson Discovery for sentiment analysis

-Watson Visual Recognition for food recognition

-NodeJS and Express to create an internal server to work with Watson Visual Recognition

-jQuery Mobile as client for the mobile app

-CanvasJS to generate beautiful charts


-Watson Chatbot (but the UI is incomplete so it's left out of the final product)

Challenges we ran into

-Having to set up an internal server to talk to Watson Visual Recognition

-Cross Origin Requests

-Connecting different APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Delegating the work effectively since we have different backgrounds and are experienced with different technologies

-Connecting an absurd amount of API's and technologies in a way that works

-Managing to come up with a product we're really proud of even though we had just met at the hackathon (we came in teams of 2)

What we learned

All of these IBM API's.

What's next for Homemade

-Fully integrate the chatbot

-Complete profile system

-Tinker with the degree of the network that people can view each other

-Connecting with the Facebook API to obtain friend list

-Dish suggestion by available ingredients

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