Seattle has a homeless problem and we are trying to battle that by making data work for the less fortunate. The app provides data about free/affordable meals. It also provides data about the areas where any homeless person can spend the night making sure that the recommended areas are safe and not crowded.

What it does

It sources information from various sources (Seattle government, volunteers) and provides information about where free/ affordable meals are available and safe shelters for the night.

How we built it

Our python services gets information from various sources (currently Seattle's public data), cleans it and puts it in our database. Our Node server serves this data to our app.

Challenges we ran into

Cleaning the data, making the database talk to python and node.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We eventually made them talk. We are able to get data about free meals to our app. Our app is extensible. It can add any number of data sources.

What we learned

Making HTTP requests on Android is tough. We also learned how to make REST APIs.

What's next for Homely

Better prediction of safe areas using 911 data. More tools that can help the homeless.

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