Inspiration/What it Does

Many people on the streets have no access to mobile devices or Wifi, and no way of finding a temporary home for the night. Homeline Bling is a hotline homeless people can call using a street payphone, and the hotline will relay the name and location of the closest shelter near the caller. So for those late, cold nights, Homeline Bling will provide you with a home.

How We Built It

When a caller calls the hotline, which is set up using Twillio, and the location of the payphone is extracted using Google geocaching API. The location of the closest shelter is then calculated through our web application built in Django. Then using Twillio's text-to-speech API, the name and location of the closest shelter is relayed back to the user. The web application also allows representatives from shelters to update or add their information on our database. The website is hosted on the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

What We Learned

We learned how to use the Django framework, and linking Twillio with a web application. We ran into many problems with the implementation, but we're very proud of what we accomplished in the end.

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