Many middle class families are just one pay check away from being homeless which make homelessness closer than we think. Imagine if you became homeless tomorrow. Where would you go to get resources to meet your basic needs (food, water and a cot)? Who would you call to get information about the resources available to you? Nearly 3,000 St. Louis citizens had to ask themselves those same questions in 2015. Today, @home can help!!

What it does

• Sends real time data (shelter capacity, geolocation, contact and target audience) data to digital billboards and internet enabled personal devices

• Enables CoC’s agency workers to easily track shelter capacity as clients check in and out of facilities

• Aggregate key data insights that allows CoC’s agency workers to make data driven decisions, identify trends and predict future needs.

Challenges we ran into

Homelessness is a multifaceted issue that has multiple pain points that can be addressed with technology. Our team tried to tackle many of those issues but having the time constraint of just 2 short days didn’t allow us to implement our complete our list of capabilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The coolest part about our solution is we have opened up a whole new experience for those who knows someone who is at risk of being homeless or those individuals already homeless. We are equipping them with real time shelter capacity information which will get individuals and families off the streets as soon as possible.

What we learned

Homelessness cannot be solved with technology alone!

What's next for Homelessness Attacker

Ideally we would want to roll out the predictive data model and the usage of RFID cards.

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