GitHub Repo: Instructions for running site

  1. Clone github repo :
  2. Open "Brooklyn-Hacks" folder in terminal
  3. Run the following command: npm install
  4. Get a Google Maps API Key:
  5. Open map.js and go to the bottom, replace with you api key
  6. Run the following command: npm start


What it does

This website provides a hub for resources that homeless people of all demographics can access and use to their benefit. The primary devices it's going to be used on are kiosks. If you have a touchpad or a touchscreen device, you can use this website and navigate it fully without the need of a mouse and keyboard.

How we built it

Using bootstrap for the front end and node.js/express for the backend, we created a web server that runs a website. This website provides locations of popular government offices and online resources to help them. There are also various shelters and food locations that people have full access to through the map. The map's markers are powered by processed JSON files provided by NYC Open Data.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the proper data to work with. Setting up an express server. Getting Google Maps API to display properly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned how to use Google Maps API

What we learned

Google Maps API Node JS

What's next for Homeless Resources (Social Distance Boys)

We will keep developing and adding more and more resources.

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