Final Submission: 10/12/2012 Designed for Care Givers, this app quickly and accurately finds resources at over 110,000 locations and features a platform usable anywhere in the nation to aid in the care of the homeless based on a current location or address. Our app supports iOS and Android Devices, and has a website for searching, managing, creating, and updating places. In addition to automated extraction of bed counts from supporting HMIS systems, our app allows for shelters to manage bed counts by registering their shelter and updating availability real-time. Version 1.0 offers: 1) Nationwide searchable information on social and assistance resources (bed data available for NJ and CoCs providing access through their HMIS systems) 2) Transportation information including Bus/Train stops 3) Food Resources including Food Banks and Soups Kitchens 4) Legal Resources based on VA Accredited lawyers 5) Health and Mental Care facilities from data supplied by SAMSHA 6) VA Facility information 7) Hotline information for national help and local assistance 8) Employment Information – includes assistance and job listings 9) Alert/Push Notification capability – Allows Care Giver to subscribe to and be notified when beds are available Advanced Features: 1) Searching for resources by current location or address 2) Searching for resources within a radius or by name 3) Integrates with Google Places enabling social networking and crowd sourcing 4) Search results filtering 5) Get directions, initiate phone calls, send emails or view web pages

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