We are a group of students from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, ranging in undergraduate and graduate students. We each see people affected by homelessness every day on our way to class. Globalhacks 6 has given us a a way to create something that could help connect people to resources that can aid them move from homelessness to a permanent and economic housing solution.

What it does

We would be a third party service to connect people affected by homelessness to programs and resources that could help them transition from homelessness to permanent, independent housing. We created an ios app that surveyed the person to direct them to the appropriate locations where they could have access to a bed or a counselor, or whatever they need.

We would put a kiosk station in public areas like a church, public library, or soup kitchen where people would have access to this app. The shelters that signed up for the service would have the ability to update their available programs and locations, the number of beds available that night, and their information, as well as have access to the simple survey that the people filled out, which would simplify the intake process.

Challenges we ran into

The laptop of the person doing the ios development continued to crash throughout the process of making this project, so it made it difficult to have a finished product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot through this process, and we worked well as a team to develop the concept and make it into a physical product.

What we learned

We all learned different things, but everyone learned how to use flask for this project.

What's next for ShelterNow

We feel that it is viable concept to connect people to resources, so we would like to finish the app.

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