Cities have seen a rise in homelessness, and the homeless population are very susceptible to sickness since they lack resources to take care of themselves. This kiosk system seeks to let homeless individuals take care of themselves and grant them a simple and easy way to take care of their health, while keeping the community clean.

What it does

Homeless Helper is a cloud kiosk system, set up by local governments in places where homeless populations can access them. Users can simply make an account with their social security number, and then access various functions. They can schedule appointments with their local free clinic, turn in recyclable materials like bottles for points, and spend points on various items stored inside the kiosk (i.e. healthcare products, food, water, etc...). That is right, the kiosk also doubles as a vending machine. Also, if needed, they can call for emergency services. This system allows the homeless to have access to healthcare while maintaining a clean community. Ideally, we would work together with charities or organizations making charitable contributions (i.e. Kind Bar, Crystal Geyser, healthcare companues) as well as local governments to set these up.


We are submitting our project for the categories of Best Overall, Best Beginner, Best Startup, and Best Green.

How we built it

We built this in Eclipse in Java. We decided to present it on as we didn't know how to use Spring to make it into a website.

Challenges we ran into

Our first big issue was github. For some reason the password system is not working, so we had to code everything on Eclipse on one computer and upload it to github afterward while our teammates screen shared. Also, we kept thinking over ways to present it on a website, and we eventually decided on for simplicity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We coded this under 15 hours, and we think we did very well.

What we learned

Time is of the essence, and the end product is rewarding.

What's next for Homeless Helper

Tesla/Amazon buyout after 2 years of development?

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