Homeless Helper provides near real-time information to the people who need it. Information such as shelters close to your location, bed availability of those shelters, nearby places to eat a meal and more.

We built a native iOS app, mobile web app, Android app and full featured website for desktop or laptop users.

Our mobile apps all support geo-location and will use your current location to find nearby resources.

In addition to smartphones and computers, we built a solution for any cell phone to use our service. Simply send a text message to 732-372-HELP with the name of a town. Information about the closest shelter (including bed availability) will automatically be sent back to you.

Homeless Helper is currently in beta testing, if you discover a bug please let us know. You can view our system health and uptime history at http://status.homelesshelper.us

We put our hearts into building Homeless Helper. We really hope it helps people. Please spread the word.

Please download the narrative document in word format from the following link: http://www.jjapp.co/homelesshelper/Homeless_Helper.doc

Or download the PDF copy here: http://www.jjapp.co/homelesshelper/Homeless_Helper.pdf

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