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Our inspiration came from knowing how useful the power of voice assistants can be. Voice assistants can make life easier and simpler, and when it comes to healthcare, this is necessary.

What it does

The HomeHealth Voice is a Alexa skill (which could be expanded to other services) that enables patients to manage and interact with their data in a hands free simple way.

How we built it

The Amazon Alexa development page is an incredibly useful way for building skills for Amazon devices. It walks you through the steps of development and makes life easy for future updates.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the Epic FHIR API ended up being a bit of a struggle. Documentation was not concise enough for the time we had available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working Amazon Alexa skill is a pretty good feat for being full-time students. Our time is constantly limited so we are happy how far we got and how far we brainstormed.

What we learned

Python is an incredibly powerful language which can be leveraged in a variety of ways. Again, we didn't have all the time we wanted but things are possible in the future.

What's next for HomeHealth Voice

It is unknown at this time what comes next. It could be fun to explore the functionality of voice assistant skills for a plethora of reasons. We will have to see!

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