Home Genie - Genie which makes my home automated.

What it does

HomeGenie is my chatbot which enables me to monitor and control my smart home. Things at my home are classified into two types – Sensors and appliances. Sensors help me to monitor various parameters – like temperature, humidity, light and moisture level in my lawn. Based on these values I will control my appliances – if temperature is low, I will turn on heater before I reach home. If my lawn is dry, I will turn on my sprinklers even when I am not in town.

All these things publish their status to AWS IOT MQTT topics. And their thing shadow gets updated based on these messages.

Now if I want to check temperature at my home. I will ask my homegenie chatbot.HomeGenie sends the message to Lex server which interprets my intent and calls configured lambda function to check status of my temperature sensor in thing shadow service and sends the value back to my chatbot.

How I built it

  1. Used aws-device-sdk and simulated MQTT messages to send to aws-iot
  2. Used aws-sdk from lambda code to call thing shadow documents from thing shadow service

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to build end to end working prototype with lex, iot.

What I learned

aws-iot, aws-lex, chatbot, slack

Testing Instructions

Bot is deployed on slack platform and has been added for team to test the bot.

Built With

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