Our application ‘Unir’ is an evolution of the HMIS services that you are used to. We want to unify everything about potential clients, and provide instant feedback because time is of the essence in this field. The core of our product remasters the HMIS CRM-like structure by applying three key features ( applicants for services , constantly updating urgency values to a person’s situation, and recommendations to services that best fit them ). These additions are valuable because of the centralized access to all CoC admin’s, allowing information to be shared about applicants and clients to all CoC parties. To make things simple here is what we do.. 1 ) People in need can fill out an application that is to be sent to a CoC member or social worker. Social workers are given an urgency value, and both parties (applicant and social worker) are given recommended resources to look deeper into. 2 ) The social worker can then create and fill all information on the client after talking or meeting with them ( to filter fraudulent entries from clogging the system ). The saved client is then added to the database for all necessary CoC parties to have access to. 3 ) The parties can track interactions and services provided to the client, update the client’s status, and look into the generate recommendations.

In ADDITION to this, we have implemented a tracking interface for surrounding shelters allowing anyone with internet access to find nearby shelter occupancy in less than 3 clicks.

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