Virtual healthcare has the potential to improve the lives of billions of people. 80% of doctors are coming online, but without integrated, affordable at home blood testing their services are severely limited. This is where HomeClinic comes in:

One of our team members, Lukas, has a thyroid disorder and has experienced the difficulty of managing his medications waiting weeks for lab results and appointments. We envisioned a future that would empower Lukas and 150 million other Americans with chronic conditions to be in control in managing their conditions from the comfort of their own home: Feeling symptoms? Call our AI nurse, get connected to an on-call doctor and test at home for a quarter of the cost!

We identified a testing gap that exists in the US. where millions of people are unaware of their conditions due to infrequent testing. 38% of the US population are pre-diabetic and more than 80% don’t know they have it. Similarly, more than 12% of the US population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime and 60% of those are unaware of their condition. Data provided by Datavant also shows that different HRR regions vary in its Percentage of Diabetic Medicare Enrollees Receiving Blood Lipids Testing ranging from 51.8% ~ 89.4%, Percent of Diabetic Medicare Enrollees Receiving HbA1c Testing ranging from 94.6% ~ 69.6%, Percent of Medicare Enrollees Having Annual Ambulatory Visit to a Primary Care Clinician 59.6% ~ 90.9%.

Bringing just one HomeClinic testing device into a household allows many members of the household to test cheaply for many relevant biomarkers. This is the game changer virtual healthcare needed!

What it does

HomeClinic is a virtual care platform integrated with a low-cost at-home self-testing device, EMR systems, an AI nurse and on-call doctors. HomeClinic lowers the barrier to test and closes the testing gap, driving value based care to the doorsteps of hundreds of millions of people. HomeClinic allows patients to receive virtual clinical care on the same day, which otherwise would take 4-5 weeks and costs a lot of money (transportation, lab testing, doctors time, ...).

Product Features in Detail


  • Doctor’s Web App (link ID: PW:Password1@) • AI nurse / Cueing and matching / Patient EHR data integration / Prediction model / Data download available to physicians for the patient's they consulted

  • Patient’s Mobile App • Integration with Testpresso: 1. Testpresso reader device sends data to patient app but not accessible by the patient / 2. Patient app sends data to doctor’s web app / 3. Doctor analyzes test results and communicates with patient / 4. Test results are updated to patient app once visit is over

Testpresso Testing Device

Currently in development by SynaDx (stealth mode, expected launch 2026 with FDA approval under OTC use) • Testpresso entails a cartridge and a reader device • Menu of testing cartridge: lipid panel(cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL(directly measured)) / glucose and HbA1c / thyroid panel(TSH, FT3, FT4, TPO) • Cartridge (one-time use): 5x5mm size accepts 10ul finger-prick whole blood sample, includes a capillary as part of the cartridge the user can remove • Palm-sized reader device (multi-use) • User experience of Testpresso: 1. Patient visits doctor through HomeClinic / 2. Patient clicks “Start the Test” button during the video call, which unlocks Testpresso and authorizes use / 3. User performs a finger-prick with a provided lancet / 4. User removes the capillary from the cartridge and uses it to sample blood / 5. User inserts the capillary into the cartridge sample inlet / 6. User inserts the cartridge into the reader device / 7. User waits 5 minutes / 8. Reader device sends results data to doctor’s HomeClinic Web app

  • Brief technology summary of Testpresso • Cartridge utilizes a 3D paper-based fluidic system and a novel electrochemical sensing system that offers 1,000x lower limit of detection than conventional optical sensing systems

How we built it

HomeClinic was built based on the views of a doctor(Patrick), a patient(Lukas), a device manufacturer(Mingoo), and a payer(Datavant) to ensure that this platform made sense for all stakeholders and could be implemented by 2027.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to synthesize a product that balanced the different viewpoints of various stakeholders, which we identified through our interviews, while aiming to drive a step change that would transform patients' lives.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have designed the solution with the feedback of doctors and patients. Going forward, we have the insight to build a virtual care platform that will create value while meeting regulatory requirements. Every test taken at home means hours saved for patients and doctors. Every test taken at home might relieve pains or prevent serious diseases. Every test taken at home is a life improved.

What we learned

We interviewed 10 people including doctors, patients, and payers. We learned that while a virtual care platform may not replace a doctor's EHR system, integrating key patient information to the dashboard is crucial. We thus integrated vital signs, notes from the AI nurse, and past test results and medications. In the future we would include past doctor notes and diagnoses records.

We also experimented with recommended tests based on the USPSTF to make sure patients are taking advantage of reimbursable tests and drive the point of value-based care. In the future we would include clinically proven models as well as our own machine learning models to further implement a value-based care model that would benefit both patients and payers.

In conclusion, the integration of EHR data, the AI nurse, and at-home testing solutions will create a virtual care platform that patients really need.

What's next for HomeClinic

We will continue to build this platform beyond the Hackathon to incorporate key features. We also plan to interview more doctors and patients to find relevant tests that are in need of frequent testing to add more menus to Testpresso.

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posted an update

As a thyroid patient myself it was really inspiring hacking on this over the weekend and imagining a future where testing becomes effortless and all my health data is integrated. Finally no more excel sheets on my pc (LOL)!

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