Recently in the news, talks of stable housing have taken over. These talks include the role of government in housing or if a shelter is a basic human right. The members in our group both agree that shelter is a human right and rather than waiting on legislation to fix this prominent issue, we would try to bandage the current wound that is the lack of affordable housing.

What it does

Homebound connects those with units/rooms/etc, and are willing to provide them at affordable rates, to those that are low income. We also want to provide all resources required to obtain these living units, through funding, grants, community, or anything else.

How we built it

The way we built this was from a strong front-end, built with Bootstrap a Front-end CSS framework. A backend built from Spring Boot with Maven in Java. and with some technologies including MongoDB, Postman, and App Engine from Google Cloud.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was integrating the MongoDB database that was housing the data from each unit on the App Engine version of our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a strong Front-End was the goal of this Hackathon project and I feel like we did a very good job in accomplishing this.

What we learned

Having never worked with Spring Boot as a back-end but having a strong background in Java, we feel that we learned a lot about how to integrate Spring Boot as a back-end to connect to MongoDB and supply units to the Javascript file that populates the unit cards.

What's next for Homebound - Housing with a Heart

Integrating the funding feature would be the next logical step for Homebound. Another step would be to populate the site with real affordable housing units so that the website could actually be used in a practical sense. We would also like to connect the Unit address's to the Google Maps API so that users can better understand where the units would be located that they are looking at.

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