NWHacks 2016 Homebound Android Application

tell mom or the wife and kids that you got home safely from that crazy frat party or your guys night out. but wait maybe you don't have the ability to because you know, you had SOOOO MUCH FUN! Well you don't have to, Homebound to the rescue, will take care of that for you.
Be able to send an automatically text to your loved or significant others and don't get that annyoning phone call from mom wondering if you ended up in a bush, whoops. This app lets you subscribe you texting notification service to various events around your area or you can create your own.

So, stop worrying about that text that your mom says "make sure you text me when you get in your home" , because this app will take it for you, so you can have that awesome time at that rad party, you will never forget!

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