---Houses are the biggest investment adults make. Our inspiration for this project was from the staggering cost of needing to get your house foundation fixed if it damages. Our product will help the user with warnings before it comes a danger.

What it does

----The HomeBase Defender takes readings of the quality of the soil that it is placed in. Customers will put the HomeBase Defender into the ground so that we can see how to most efficiently water your foundation.

How we built it

---We wanted to offer the user a good experience with the hardware as well as the software. So we used the particle photon microprocessor and attached it to circuit board and placed inside a 3D printed holder, which is placed in the soil.

Challenges we ran into

----We ran into a few challenges when it came to making the native mobile apps we had decided to make for the HomeBase Defender due to the lack of knowledge and experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

----We are proud of our prototype because of the 50+ person survey we performed, 77% of participants had seen symptoms of foundation damage, and only 7% of participants said they would not buy the device at a Profitable Markup price. Also we were able to integrate with the famous IoT hub website of IFTTT, which integrated our microprocessor to autonomous services like Text Messaging, Social Media, and even to other smart devices.

What we learned

----We learned to manage time effectively so that we will be able to plan and get a prototype done within a smaller time without focusing to make it perfect.

What's next for HomeBase Defender

----To be able to control a valve on a soaker hose autonomously as well as a water induction valve. We also need native apps for smartphones.

Try it

Final App if you wanna check or fork for your own projects (needs a few changes though)

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