Automate your home using Internet of Things. This Project revolves around the idea of automating the home using a MSP430 along with various sensors custom built for that module,which can be approachable by any user since it is cost effective.

Inspiration comes from every home user who spend a lot of money to automate their home for features like Security,automatic sprinklers,etc.

Target users are those who want to secure their house ,sprinkle their lawn even without them constantly monitoring.

Key features and Components This Project consists of a master module which has a MSP430 microcontroller(MC) connected to a Moisture Sensor and a Servo Motor.The MC constanly keeps monitoring the sensor to check for the presence of moisture.moisture. In the case of absence of moisture on the surface its kept,the servo motor is switched on .This can be used further for automatic water sprinkler system in homes,stadium,etc. This master module also keeps constantly checking for messages over its RF module to check for messages sent over its channel.The other sensor used is the Motion Sensor,which keeps checking for motion,which can be thought of a door monitoring system in houses.In order to overcome the drawback of false triggering,once the user enters the home,he is advised to press on a certain button within a predefined amount of time,failing which the sensor module identifies the person as a burglar.Once identified as a burglar,this module sends a unique message over its RF module to the master module. The master module upon receiving a burglar message,send a message to be saved onto the cloud which is instanly sent as a notification to the users cell phone.

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