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Imagine sitting at home on the couch, trying to get stuck into your work. It's hard. But instead of breaking your flow and concentration, you can use Alexa and the Home Worker App to help you with the challenges of working from home, but without falling into a rabbit hole of endless distractions, such as surfing the web. It is designed to provide some business tips, knowledge, quotes and an interactive multiple choice business quiz. All provided without ever needing to switch screens, tabs or even avert your gaze from what you are doing.

Get more from working at home, without getting distracted

What it does

Provide support for home workers of the planet. Whether you are working from your couch, kitchen table or a dedicated office, the Alexa Home Worker application allows users to get on demand inspiration, life hacks and play a business quiz. Hear from the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tony Hsieh, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and other business leaders.

How we built it

Using the flask-ask application SDK, python, flask API, MongoDB, Jinja2 and JSON. We first came up with a data structure to hold the various types of content and then worked on building out the voice experience. We decided on the voice interface patterns through a simple use case study and then began building out the rest of the features.

Challenges we ran into

The business question system is a different format to that of the other content, so we had the additional complexity of dealing with JSON documents for the quotes but questions were based in a Jinja2 template markup.

One challenge was what not to include to ensure that the product remains easy and not too bloated. Just having a few main features makes the interface easier to navigate.

Another aspect is categorisation of our content correctly in the most suitable way. We want to the life hacks to be applicable where possible to people working from home to provide some simple guidance and lessons that they can apply easily wherever and whenever. Literally curating the content did take quite a bit longer than we anticipated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Over a thousand business questions and answers on interesting topics to keep users interested and informed. Have over a thousand hand-picked curated quotes and life hacks, especially selected. Compiled quotes, and tips from business leaders which we think will have real impact on people working from home, collectively enhancing productivity and output.

We also like to think with the right tools such as Home Worker more people working from home means less traffic and less pollution and environmentally friendly. No more trips to the office in a polluting car.

What we learned

Keep it simple. We removed some initial features so that the user can have a better, simpler more native navigation style.

What's next for Home Worker

  • Extend the quotes list.
  • More productivity hacks - especially from the community. Provide a way that users can give feedback and vote for the best hacks, quotes.
  • Implement Machine Learning to suggest more of what the user actually likes.
  • Refine the UX based on user feedback
  • Incorporate Relaxation and Meditation Schedule.
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posted an update

Welcome for new users. We have even more content on its way in terms of new business life hacks and great quotes. Even from some of the paypal mafia: Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel.

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