Inspiration - The inspiration behind home is The Great Wall of China. Back in the days, militants used fire and smoke to relay a message that there was something to be concerned about somewhere along the Wall.

How it works - home, is an open standard that allows homeowners and DIYers to build their own products to interface it along with home. It creates a mesh type network made of bluetooth enabled devices. It is a much cheaper form of infrastructure that does not require the internet to operate.

Never stop hacking. Keep your head up high. Don't stop believing. There is always a way. Help others when you can. ## What I learned

Bluetooth devices were attempting to connect with home for about 9 hours causing our bluetoth libraries to crash in our hardware. ## Challenges I ran into

We were able to modify the libraries to fit within our constraint of so many bluetooth devices. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now that we have this open standard, anyone can create projects for home. ## What's next for home

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