The Home-Trainer

The Home-Trainer is a virtual reality game that gives you the opportunity to do their work out at home. You can join a group class of their choice without actually having to go to the gym. These group classes can be done by moving with the Oculus Rift and motion controls. These classes can be anything from yoga to body combat and boxing. And Instead of just using someone who is doing the exercise, we can add extra game elements to make it sports even more fun. In our demo, we added hit targets that appear for during the body combat session in place of just beating the air.


At the start of the project, we started thinking of where virtual reality could add something extra to the experience of being physically active. Also, we wanted to focus on how we could make the experience of VR intuitive. We immediately came up with the idea of mirroring. This is the effect that when people don’t know how they should act following social standards they mimic other people’s behaviour. So we went over different sportive sectors to see if there were any problems. We ended up at the gym. We had all heard of the struggles people had experience there and mirroring is already something that is quite common in group classes at the gym. This led to our first ideas of what eventually would become the Home-Trainer.

Unreal Engine 4

This project was completely built we using Unreal Engine 4 and Google. The biggest challenge for us was understanding the first program and how to build our idea in such a short time. We had never worked with virtual reality before, so we really had to start with learning the basics. Furthermore, we soon noticed that our laptops could not really handle executing Virtual Reality, so we had to arrange for another computer where we could build and test our product.

Home-Trainer in the Future

Right now we only have one sport (body combat) in our demo, but in the future we hope that we more types of games can be made for virtual reality. Also, with the invention of more technology relating VR, we may be able to track more parts of people body’s during their work out and give more personalized and specific feedback. Next to this, we want to make the Home-Trainer also available online, so you’re able to go sport with your friends. This will not only makes it more fun but also create some competition to improve performance. We hope that this type of gym will lower the threshold for going to the gym and make people more active. Because after all, sporting is not only healthy but also fun!!! (#healthybodyhealthymind) We are very proud of the fact that we made a game that motivates people to start moving and encourage the importance of it.

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