Participating in last year's Hackathon was the first time I asked myself: How does one make a device communicate with another? Illustrating what that challenge has inspired me to learn is the purpose of the project - (A dedication and thanks to the people who made this event possible)

What it does

Allows you to remote control a temperature device via a Raspberry Pi which is connected to a phone that may register time-based temperature alterations and is also connected to a pebble smartwatch that also allows both features

How I built it

Since I don't have an Air Conditioner with me or the hardware I simulated an Air Conditioner with JavaFX to exemplify the purpose. This connects to a phone application built on Android which also connects to a pebble watchapp built with C.

Challenges I ran into

!!!Several Concurrency issues involving the JavaFX application thread. Issues regarding windows 10 integration with Github. Cloudpebble conundrums due to access points and the inability to alter them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The catharthis of "it finally works" is amazing, but I'm proudest of all I've learned along the way (including the hours spent on elusively simple problems).

What I learned

Lessons on Multi-threading with JavaFX. How to get system time on Android. How to get location on Android.

What's next for Home Temperature Manager

Using an Infra Red transmitter on the Pi to remote control an actual air conditioner. Using a sensor on the Pi to continuously poll home temperature and display this on phone. Also creating a watch face for the pebble that incorporates the above.

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