Do your neighbors suffer with you as your teen learns the sax? Think your soundproofing is up to snuff or is your son's sax recital shared with the whole neighborhood?


Do you know what can be heard inside your house from the outside or what your neighbors can hear from inside yours? I live in densely populated community where houses are less than a stones throw away from each other. I can hear all of my neighbors conversations from their patio. Would I have bought the house I'm currently living in if I knew this? Probably... But it definitely would be nice to know before buying a home/apartment/condo what can be heard inside your home from the outside, what can be heard from room to room, and what can be heard on the outside of your home.

What it does

A collection of connected microphones that measure sound levels. A loud speaker that syncs with the microphones and a server to create a sound profile. A GUI that can be accessed by an inspector to analyze the data and generate a report for home/apartment/condo dwellers.

Hardware on hand

  • Calibrated Digital Sound Level Meter
  • Gravity: Analog Sound Level Meter
  • Arduino Uno (qty 4)
  • ESP8266 (qty 4)
  • SparkFun Sound Detector (with Headers) (qty 3)
  • Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain (qty 3)
  • Multiple breads, resistors, connectors
  • Digi XBee Zigbee Mesh Kit (Courtesy of Digi)

Team Collaboration:

Built With

  • cloud
  • esp8266
  • javascript
  • microphone
  • mqtt
  • speaker
  • spl-meter
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