This project was inspired by our passion for technology and our identities as women and minorities. As we make our way through higher-level CS courses and apply for tech internships, it becomes evident that there’s less of “us”. While there has been increased discourse surrounding such inequality in recent years and a lack of a large platform to support women and minorities in tech, we believe that more can be done. This web application platform has a simple goal: to foster a community where women and minorities in the tech industry to grow and thrive together.

What it does

Our web application has 4 main pages. The LEARN page provides extensive videos on how to navigate through the tech industry. The CONNECT page is where people can talk about anything they want and expand their network and social circle. The PROGRAMS page is filled with details and links to various programs that specifically support women and minorities, and lastly, the COMPANIES page shows the statistics of how companies are supporting minorities and their supporting programs.

How we built it

Our team used React and Material-UI to build the design of the website and Firebase for OAuth, video storage, and database.

Challenges we ran into

Git errors - unfortunately, running into many git conflicts sucked up a lot of time. Making use of firebase was also a learning curve. React and Material-UI. However, the mentors were really helpful and I was so lucky to get help from them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re a team with a wide range of experience! Despite this challenge, we each learned a lot from each other and from the mentors at Spectra. We were able to build a lot of pages to show and our website looks really nice despite not having a designer. We were getting along very well under stress and everyone was able to contribute to the project.

What we learned

We explored the capabilities of Firebase, VideoAsk, React and Material-UI. Our experimentation with VideoAsk was really fun.

What's next for HOME

We want to be more than a typical website filled with resources. We want to be the goto place for women and minorities in tech to connect to each other--face to face. Given more time, we would have loved to make more use of VideoAsk so that individual users can post videos about their experiences, advice, etc. and then have others respond, either through video or a chat forum. We also need to complete the functionalities in Learn page and write Connect page. After the Spectra hackathon, we are definitely publishing this platform online and our goal is 5000+ members.

Built With

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Material-UI, Firebase, Express, Axios

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