We were inspired by other apps that already exists and work swiftly to order a meal or a taxi. Our goal is to make it as easy with drugs.

What it does

With our app, you can find your drugs in database and make sure that you have always a sufficient amount of them. In case of lacking any of them, you can find the closest pharmacy and the best way to get there

How we built it.

App: Built with Swift iOS app, integrated with Uber and Apple maps \n Backend: Ruby on Rails framework, that was using API provided by AXA and Postgresql database.

Challenges we ran into

Parts of API were not specific enough for our purposes, we had to analyze it with our algorithms to retrieve what was interesting for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Design of our app looks really great, API is blazingly fast and whole app runs really smoothly

What we learned

A little bit of german, how to play pool more efficiently, how to sleep on chairs comfortably

What's next for Home MedKIT

Conquering the world?

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