The follow-up of Home Health Care and elderly patients is not made digitally and home health data is not processed data. This makes it difficult for the elderly patient to follow the situation. Healthcare professionals are obliged to learn the examinations, drugs and patient status previously applied to the patient during the patient visits. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, patient visits have decreased considerably. Since the patients in this group are in the highest risk groups of COVID-19, hygiene requirements during the visits complicate the maintenance procedures. In addition to this situation; Symptom monitoring of home care patients, people in the geriatric class (65 years and older) and potential / recovering COVID-19 patients should be done remotely.

First of all, the information necessary for the follow-up of home health care patients was prepared for information entry in the Android environment. Improvement was made in the Salesforce environment to retain the data. A website was prepared in RStudio environment by developing an AI based model for monitoring the health status of home health care patients. For the COVID-19 symptom follow-up, the data of 22,000+ COVID-19 patients were processed all over the world, and an website was prepared in RStudio environment.

The biggest challenge we face is to find anonymous data that we will use for decision support systems and to clean and make the data available.

In the later stages of the project, video speech, voice recognition and sensor and smart watch (Apple Watch) integration will be supported.

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