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We wanted to make the world a better place by solving the problem of having unattended home damages that can be very expensive and hard to get insurance reimbursement for.

What it does

Uses IoT sensors to detect extreme heat, humidity, or other conditions and activates a camera to record the incident. It will give the user a live feed of the occurrence, as well as text for immediate updates. These events will be stored in the Verizon Public Cloud for later reference.

How we built it

We divided up the work into three main parts: interfacing with the sensor and creating the server, sending server data to Android app, and SMS and video sending and calling

Challenges we ran into

media upload/sending

Accomplishments that we're proud of

integration of all parts

What we learned

Internet of Things

What's next for Home Guard

More sensors usage and other vehicle integrations like drones

Built With

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