The food industry is an ever changing industry. In the beginning of time, food has always been all natural, no preservatives, and healthy. In the mid 1900's as fast food became popular the food industry took a change for the worse. Foods started becoming more unhealthy, people started demanding their food to be cooked in record times as time became more scarce with increasing responsibilities. However, as we approach the 20th century we are seeing a change in the trend. People are leaning more towards home cooked meals made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. The satisfaction of eating a home cooked meal is different from eating a meal cooked outside; the peace of mind that the food was cooked like how your mom made it, with care and especially no preservatives. Thus, home cooks are rising in numbers. Home cooks are becoming more popular with the notion that fast food should be boycotted. As health is becoming a major concern for the world.

What it does

To keep up with the eating-out and the health-conscious trend our team Home Foods! will allow those who like to cook and want to make a business out of from their kitchen, and those seeking the final product. We are bridging the gap between home cooked foods and those missing home cooked foods.

We are integrating with UberEATS, so the home cooked meals can be delivered to the the buyers. Buyer will choose their food preference- pick up or UberEATS delivery right from our application, and then the food is ready UberEATS will deliver the food right to the buyer's doorstep.

How we built it

Currently it is an android based application built with android studio, compatible on most android phones. The programming and design was all created by our team. During the Hackathon we refined our idea by partnering with sponsors. We will be an OmniChannel application in the near future.

Challenges I ran into

Considering this is a two day Hackathon, building our complete robust and dynamic application was a challenge. Additionally, our assumption is that majority of our cooks will be 45+ age range, and when carrying out our market research survey, we faced difficulty targeting this population online.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to work as a team to refine our ideas, spread out responsibilities and build this application all the while having some fun.

What's next for Home Foods

We strongly believe in Home Foods! and how it will change people's eating experience. Our next steps are to link up with the legalities of our business and run a pilot program to test the waters. As a result of our market research, we have some cooks and buyers interested in giving this a chance. Lets see how the idea goes. If we do not receive any sponsors we will still move forward with this app.

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