We love home automation and the internet of things. But a basic "smart" oven (that can just send you a message when it finishes preheating) costs around $500 more than a "dumb" oven. We wanted to prove that this doesn't have to be the case: home automation can be cheap, simple, open, and fun.

To that end we ripped the interfaces off of a toaster oven and microwave, hacked together control schemes using Spark.io, and built a set of APIs to let us control our appliances from the internet. Armed with these real world HTTP requests we build applications leveraging the Estimote to automatically run the appliances within range and Wit.ai to control your kitchen with nothing other than your voice.

Not only are these smart devices great for making cooking easier for the general population, but they improve the accessibility of the kitchen for those living with disabilities. Quite simply, we make Home Ease for everyone!

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