Our team was inspired to take on the Home Depot Challenge because as someone who's been a part of retail as both and employee and a customer, I know all too well how amazing it is when associates are equipped with the best resources. We took on this challenge because we wanted to create something that makes things easier for employees to do their jobs, and for customers to have great shopping experiences.

What it does

The app accomplishes two things:

1. Encourages employees to actively participate in activities to increase their product knowledge. The app sends push notification to users whenever a video for a new product is uploaded. By watching videos and completing follow-up quizzes, learning can be fun. Users will earn points for each video watched and each quiz completed. The points can then be used to create a leader-board as well as help facilitate as a reward system to encourage constant engagement (i.e. every 200 points can earn the employee something, so the learning never stops! ).

2. Tool for a better customer-associate experience The app is also a great tool to use in store. Associates would be able to search or scan items and bring up its information (specs, reviews,videos, location, availability etc.) so they never have to say "I'm sorry I'm not familiar with xxx" when helping a customer. The app will also have store information, so the associates will know what items are on sale. An exciting feature of the app, is that it would be connected to button sensors (controlled through micro-controller/IOT). These buttons will be embedded on the aisles, so whenever a customer needs help and can't find an assoicate, they could dimply press the button. Employees on site will get notified through the app and an available associate can find the customer right away.

How we built it

We built a prototype of our app using Android Studios. The current version uses a Youtube API to embedded videos onto it. This way, a company can upload unlisted videos on a Youtube channel (if they don't want them accessed by the general public) and they would play in the app.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenges we ran into was working with the dragonboard for the first time. It was difficult to work with without a monitor, and it was different from the other hardware devices that our team was used to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a simple activity using Android Studios. And learned a new skill that we will definitely keep practicing with. We also figured out how to connect the dragonboard to WiFi. This took a full day to hack, so that was a pretty amazing thing to complete

What we learned

We learned the basics of how the dragonboard (and other microcomputers) work. I personally learn and understand what and API is, how to use them, and how essential it is to any application. As this was all of our first time participating in a hackathon, the entire weekend was a learning experience.

What's next for Home Depot App Design

Next, we will continue to grow and develop the app. AS we are getting more comfortable with the dragonboard, we will work on implementing communications between the hardware and the app, for our help button feature.

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