Imagine, You are stuck at your home with an infection or a disease due to which you cannot go outside & you are just lying in front of your tv watching Hackflix. Where would you get your medicines from, where would you get food from ?. You are a lonely helpless person in your room in complete despair.Now, there is no need to be helpless, as we bring to you HomeCare ! An app that establishes contact between you and the people who wants to help you ! There are lot of Film stars and other kind hearted people who want to help you, they just need a tool to help you out...& HomeCare serves as that perfect tool for them !


Being stuck in lockdowns due to Coivd-19, it gets really difficult for people in quarantine who are stuck at their homes & are not able to manage out their medical and food needs. Being lonely, only one thing they are able to do is to go outside themselves to get the supplies, But Wait!, It can lead to further infection spread risks. There are heroes outside who want to help such people, but they don't know who they have to help. So we decided to make an app for making this communications between the needy & the helper easy !

What it does?

This App lets you register through your Google Account with the help of firebase Authentication servie. Once signed in, there is option to take help from others by filling out the help form. There is also an option to help others, in which you can find the people near you based on the KM radius you have entered. It finds nearby people based on the Latitudes,Longitude of the needy people which is saved automatically during the sign in process. Click on any request mentioned & call that person from the phone number provided in the request and serve him as a filmy hero ! Also there are options to manage your requests. A lot of features have to be added in the coming future.

How we built it

We built the App using the Flutter Framework. We used Google FireBase as the backend for the project & to make the database in the firestore. We used geolocation service to find the current location of the user.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were to make the Firebase as our Backend and also to find the needy people in a particular distance radius. For that we watched long tutorials on the internet. For finding nearby people, we used a mathematical formula to find the distane between two coordinates on earth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have made an App that would serve the basic necessity of the sick people by giving them a medium through which they can connect with the people who want to help them !

What we learned

Foremost, the most important thing we learnt is to how to make a healthy bond with new people & how to collabrate as a team. Secondly, we learnt how to use our time efficiently in order to implement the idea.Lastly, we learn making the backend in Flutter app with Google Firebase & to use latitudes and longitudes in our app !

What's next for HomeCare

A lot of features, like search people with Google Maps API, using online digital gateway etc are being planned for the app.

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