This project provide protection from overload, over/under voltage and earth leakage fault which have wide range and give the notification with the fault value Capacitor base fan regulator is used in this IOT project which provide five different voltage levels to the fan. This circuit is low cost, highly reliable, heat dissipation is very less It gives the power ratings of each load without extra meter/sensor and not disturbing the other load. By that we can detect the abnormal condition of the device and if it reads abnormal we can change/repair the device and it will helpful to compare with other devices with same application which are available in the market. It store and record the time duration of each load in firebase and SD card Every operation is controlled and monitor by the app It has a timer which is used to on/off automatically. We feed the time on and time off if we need this operation

Challenges I ran into

At first I used adafurit i/o iot platform but it is to slow and limited data transfer. So I created my own app with the MIT app inventor. In which we give a use ID to open so the other can’t access easily. The both DS13075 and SD card module are not interfacing at once. I already using two controllers nodemcu and Arduino so SD card and other modules are interfaced to the nodemcu and DS13705 and pzem-004t is interfaced to arduino The string variable (contain measurement values and time) is to be send from arduino to nodemcu. I tried serial communication at first but the data is getting disturb. So I go to i2c communication but in this it not sends string variable then I convert the string to char and transfer the variable the main issue is the relays are getting filled very frequently then I modified the circuit changed the values of it. After it work good. I made a manual mode if anything gets wrong in headwear then we can easily control by manual switching by cut off the supply to the control unit.

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