Due to the constant power cuts we could not do stuffs that could be done easily. For Instance. to fill the water in the tank at our homes, we need to be in our home to turn the water pump on when the water was distribution was turn on through the pipeline. The quest to find the solution of these sorts of problem is our inspiration to do this project.

What it does?

Using this Home Automation technology people can control all their home appliances remotely using their computers or pebble(using mobile device). They can even control the appliances even by using the hand gestures by the use of MYO and by the voice commands.

How We built it We used arduino c# SAPI pebble and were planning to use GSM shelid

Challenges I ran into

We didn't have the GSM shield so we could not make this thing the way we wanted it to be. The main target of our project was to control all the devices by sending SMS commands remotely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we could not submit the final form our project(Cause: lack of resources), we made it work. We were able to use the stuffs in our hand to make something useful.

What I learned

-I learn to connect hardware with software. Even the arduino seems very basic compared to other technology, but we can enable it to do useful works for us.

What's next for Home Automation

Right now we are controlling the only three prototypes. We can number of devices. and we are planning to add a GSM connect to our project so as to make control using the mobile devices

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