We felt as though simplifying tasks at home could be a good way to save time and less stress on managing electricity use at or inside a home. We had issues with controlling all of the outlets around the room that we lived in so we wanted to figure out a way to control it through a program. Implementing something simple such as turning on and off power sockets could be an easy way to lower the concerns and worry regarding energy use and suited for a busy schedule. We wanted to learn how to how to replicate the RF signal from the remote that originally powered power sockets.

I was able to get help using an oscilloscope through an experienced EE via GoogleHangout. He showed us how to find the frequency emitted from the remote. We figured out a way to remotely control power sockets with a 433Mhz RF transmitter attached to an arduino.

As Computer Science majors we proud to be able enough to get the program to control switches on and off.

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