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The Little Big Difference

A Raspberry Pi console based Camera unit streams Video into the Azure Media Services. The Media Analytics and Vision API and Face API identifies faces, Objects and repeated patterns. All this data is trained through Azure Machine Learning Studio component initially

Building the console

The Camera is connected with the Raspberry-Pi Console. The data is fed into Azure Stream and processed by Azure Media Analytics. Action analytics , Face APIs, Vision API.

Challenges I ran into

Training to identify Eyes Movement and identifying if the person is actually looking at the Shopping Items. Can Visual analytics improve planogram ? I am solving this ultimate challenge of reading eyes of the shoppers and tracing only the heat image of the eyes. Every contact towards and the sale thus driven makes the evident solution of retail analytics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project is going to be very helpful in terms of commercial and non commercial. Non Retail - Use Case 1 : Home Alone | Kids Behaviour Behaviour analysis of Kids to see if they sleep over time . If yes ! Alexa Wakes you up and talks with you. Yes that's a reality. Kids Monitoring with Alexa and Microsoft Azure ! Training in Progress

Use Case 2 : The Door Bell Analogy - No more Schrodinger's Cat Wonder who is at the door without going to the door ! Everytime, someone rings the bell, the secret camera click your pic and sends it to your phone. And guess what , if it know the face , it even says - who is it ? Training in Progress

Retail - Use Case 3: That's Loyal You ! Millions cross the POS around the world everyday. People swipe their cards, sometimes cash - Ever wondered - If the POS could additional discount just by looking at your face ? Are you the one who came on this date and that month ? Repeat Customers Loyalty points. No Information. No Names. No cards. Just the same face and win points. The most revolutionary idea of keeping physical retail alive. Training in Progress Pursuit - IP Filing in Process

Use Case 4: From Windows Shopping to Buying Out Ever Wondered What People see ? Planogram is an old model of retail. Camera Feeds tell the Retina Identification facing the camera. Only this time, red eyes removal is not a necessary. You count them.

What I learned

Extensive use of Azure Media Analytics

What's next for See-Through

Seeking funds to complete this project and launch with at least few stores. Am trying to build a solution as strongly compared with Amazon Go Store or AI Poly. I don't care if i would make it in the league of Prizes- But, yes - I would like to continue pursuing my extended work on this and would want to seek guidance from Azure IOT and Cognitive Capabilities Team See-Through will be a reality seen by All

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