Home Age will combine mechanics similar to many classic arcade games that have been adapted to VR into a larger meta game of building and protecting your own base while attacking your competitors bases.

Defensively you will be able to drop interlocking puzzle pieces in from space to build up a wall around your base. Build up energy shields and anti-air missile batteries to defend yourself from the skies while angling your deflector shields to protect from long range artillery bombardment.

Go on the offensive with squads of lazer tanks to take control of the middle ground. Sneak your bombers in low under the enemy defenses to destroy their walls and emplacements until you open up a clear path for you lander craft dropship to fill their base with attackers. Spawn formations of ufos to descend on them from space and surround and harass their defenders with a temporary energy barrier from your scout cycles that move at the speed of light.

When your back is up against the wall use your secret weapons to warp space into a loop around your base for a short time to keep outside attackers out, or turn the sky dark with a massive energy bomb.

Most of the game will be played from a outside perspective overlooking your base, but you will be able to switch into first person mode to pilot some of the attack aircraft or aim your defenses.

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