With 'home' we try to create a new aesthetic style for virtual worlds. In contrast to the many agitated virtual worlds we create a couple of scenes that are serene yet intriguing.

We integrate 3D video with stereo panorama technology to achieve the highest level of realism possible today. The real world scenes were carefully selected to be calm and composed in themselves. The unreal feel of the scenes is contrasted by the high level of realism and detail that is achieved by our technology.

Touchpad Controls

  • Double tap: next scene
  • Swipe front/back: zoom in/out
  • Swipe up/down: effect control


Explore 8 scenes - each with its own look and feel. Use the zoom to look at the details. Swipe down to add an effect.


  • Highest possible realism: we integrate high resolution stereo panoramas with stereo videos for a high quality stereo cinemagraph effect.
  • Interaction: We implemented intuitive controls on the touchpad that feel slick yet natural

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