We wanted to raise awareness of both the beauty of the world and the damage humans are inflicting. We used a random image generator in order to contrast the two in no particular order.

What it does

The website is supposed to educated people and make them think. Our intention was to make them feel anger or sadness as well as happiness and awe through the photos; we follow this with a scrolling list of many world problems, not only forcing the viewer to slow down and read but also fully digest the problems. We want push people to action and also give them resources on how they could start, which is why there are four hyper links.

How we built it

HTML5 and Javascript on Brackets

Challenges we ran into

We are both beginners at coding so many hours were spent simply searching up what to type in order to get the result we wanted. We had a distinct visualization of our end result but we struggled to create a functioning website while simultaneously learning. The code is also a bit messy because I had very very basic html knowledge from a few courses on code academy so I was not accustomed to using a styles.css, hence all the styles are also on the index. We struggled most with standardizing the size of the 120 images (all of which drastically varied in size), spending a minimum of two hours simply scouring the web for options and then testing, changing, and finding different code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We put a lot of brainpower and effort into this and it technically is our first website, other than the demo we built in the workshop earlier. We worked a lot on color coordination and aesthetics, hoping that the UX experience would be ok even though the website doesn't look super professional or high quality. We also didn't want viewers to feel like they were bored or even being attacked, so we tried to balance out the light and heavy topics as well as image content.

What we learned

How to build a website and add all kinds of cool features!

What's next for Home

Delve into how to make more professional and advanced looking websites, experiment with how different languages change the website

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