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 The contribution of a homemaker in the family is priceless. It is this thought that inspired us to think of a way to pay back all their efforts. That's how we came up with the idea of Homacation . The Homemaker gets to enjoy their weekend, or perhaps a lazy vacation, by assigning chores to the other family members.

What it does

Homacation allows a homemaker to list down their daily tasks, add family members, assign each of them the tasks, and have an account of the status of a specific task. The rest of the family can use the app to view tasks assigned to them and use it as a to-do list to strike off completed tasks.

How we built it

- Flutter and by extension dart
- Firebase 

Challenges we ran into

  Interconnecting the homemaker's data with the family's to-do list, and figuring out a bunch of 'never seen before errors'  consumed a lot of the time. Eventually ,we did solve them to produce a functioning app.   

What's next for Homacation

 We're planning to add more features to the app including, but not limited to 
  - joining databases and fixing minor bugs
  - adding an option to get a weekend break or to take a long vacation with custom no. of weeks input.

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