A smarter home concept that takes in human and environment inputs, then outputs an energy conscious home. People want to have their houses at their preferred temperatures, humidity, etc, but often ties, there is a large excess in energy waste!

Hom.io provides a user interface to change your home's settings for when lights should be on/off, temperature, humidity.

Based on your settings, Hom.io will automatically ...

  • open/close your curtains to bring in natural sunlight to warm your home
  • open/close the windows to cool/warm your home and bring in fresh air
  • open/close doors to regulate temperatures/humidity between rooms
  • automatic lighting based on activity in the room and time of day

Our team learned a vast amount using a PaaS (Platform as a Service) with Bluemix for the first time. We also learned about Full Stack Web Development and the Intel Edison.

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