We initially built Holy quraan for the visually impaired people and people who are disabled can't move their hands. and for the people who want an easy access to the book of Holy Quraan, by simple using voice command features.

Holy quraan is preferred to be listened with famous reciters and get played almost on a daily bases so we thought why don't we let it play with the comfort of a simple voice command.

What it does

Initially, it had only one reciter and the whole 114 chapters on Holy quraan. ability to play any Holy Quraan chapters by just using your voice, I.e Alexa Ask holy Quraan to play chapter 5, and chapter 5 would be played and recited by one reciter.

and we continued adding more features requested by Holy Quraan users on Alexa, such as Translation feature to English and Urdu Languages as they were highest in demand, repeat a chapter infinitely, added 7 additional reciters who were popular and a playlist feature and lastly as a premium feature, Prayer times.

How we built it

We started implementing what we need to have as end users for such a skill then we kept improving it and revamping the VUI to enhance user experience through different iterations and versions guided by detailed feedback from our customers. We used Lambda Node JS and the Alexa Kit as technology enablers.

Challenges we ran into

Keeping a natural voice user experience for various user's cultures and locations Keeping the skill up-to-date with the continuously updated Alexa Skill Kit and trying to make the best use of the provided SDK Increasing demand on audio files resulting in huge bandwidth consumption because of rapid increase in our customer base from all over the world.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The support by the community and on going feedback we receive on the Alexa app page skill The first holy quraan voice app to launch on Alexa platform and highest ranking among other holy quraan skills.

What we learned

Besides learning lots about AWS including lambda, s3, dynamo db and alexa skill kit we have learnt a lot about the aspects of designing a good VUI. We have learned how to intercept customer feedback to fuel our inspiration for next versions of the skill resulting in developing a user oriented experience.

What's next for Holy Quraan

We will keep listening to our Holy Quraan users and adding more features to it, such as more reciters, ability to call for prayer times once Amazon allows voice skill apps to send a notification to the alexa users.

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