Deciding what to eat is a very personal experience. Waiters help you do that at real restaurants - but what if you could have your own AI personal concierge help with your dining experience anywhere you are? What if you could have your own personal BATMAN's ALFRED as your waiter?!??!??!?!

What it does

HoloYummy Personal Concierge is a 3D anywhere app featuring an AI waiter that helps you discover the perfect dish to eat - and lets you preview your cuisine with a food hologram!

Converse naturally with the waiter to discover what to eat. The waiter can also show you food holograms of the food!

How to use it

1) Tell the waiter what you'd like. In our test version, we have a few varieties of foods. 2) Say: Order an Appetizer, Appetizer, Starters, Order starter (etc) 3) Say: Order Soup, i want soup, soup, soup du jour (etc) 4) Say: fast food, hamburger, burgers, order fast food (etc) 5) When you're ready, simply say the food name and we'd bag it for you!

How we built it

  • AWS Sumerian
  • AWS Lex chat bot
  • AWS Polly - Brian British Accent text to speech
  • HoloYummy Photogrammetry techniques for delicious 3D scanned foods! (HoloYummy is @yosun's personal foodie project gone awry - some people take photos of food... for the last 9 years, she has been 3D scanning her food!)

Challenges we ran into

  • Ran into a showstopper where .intentName was not available, but the speech response was. So, ended up using string.includes() and phrasing what the bot would say very specifically to include keywords to search for.

  • Sumerian keeps running out of sync, sometimes hours of work would just get wiped.

  • Sometimes, this would manifest as Lex not being sync'd.

  • Sumerian WebGL shader issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Yosun finally broke free of Unity :-O
  • We made a cute polo shirt for Sumerian hosts - the texture is included above!

What we learned

  • Some things are super easy in Sumerian; but, some things are not ...

What's next for HoloYummy Personal Concierge


HoloYummy Personal Concierge solves the problem of making food have that personal touch, when it's needed the most - when budgets or waiters aren't available. Or, for making Room Service more personable! Let's revolutionize Hospitality!

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