The present disconnect between an equation written on the board and the visual representation of that equation. As previous Multivariable Calculus students, we struggled to grasp the complex equations thrown at us that were not trivial to conceptualize.

What it does

This application is that connection. We interpret handwritten math equations using OCR within Wolfram's Mathematica platform. This data is then used to generate visual 3d models which are layered over a chosen surface within augmented reality. Essentially you strap on your Hololens start the HoloWolfram app then scan a math equation to instantly see the 3d model right on your desk.

How we built it

HoloWolfram was built using the Wolfram Mathematica platform to parse the data obtained from a picture taken with the Hololens Once Wolfram was able to successfully read the equations we were writing out by hand on a standard sheet of paper it then generates a 3d model of the equation. This 3d model is loaded into unity as a GameObject using the Unity Link beta that was graciously provided to us by Kyle from Wolfram. Once we were able to load the 3d model into Unity it was just a matter of bringing all these separate pieces together and building the project to the Hololens.

Challenges we ran into

Each different piece had its own pitfalls and being new to all of the different technologies used in HoloWolfram's creation was not an advantage. Building a Minimum Viable Product to Hololens successfully was perhaps our greatest feat because there are just so many moving parts of an app such as this and under the strict time constraints of a hackathon, decisions have to be made swiftly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Successfully Using the Unity Link in its beta form -Learning how to build applications for the Hololens -Diving deep into the Unity development environment

What we learned

-Wolfram Mathematica is extremely powerful.

What's next for HoloWolfram

-More interactivity, -Gamification, -Polished UI, and -Publication to the Windows Store

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