Holo | Scholar

Codestellation 2019


This project tackles the problem of incorporating interactive elements into traditional educational materials.

Many people find it easier to learn from a physical book in their hands than a PDF, website, or app. However, choosing physical over digital precludes the possibility for interactive elements in learning resources. Holo | Scholar endeavors to fill this gap.

Holo | Scholar is a mixed-reality solution using the Microsoft HoloLens to display dynamic, interactable content that has been "embedded" into a physical resource. In its complete implementation, Holo | Scholar would consist of:

  • installations in educational institutions such as schools, universities, and libraries, and
  • partnerships with publishers to integrate mixed-reality elements into their textbooks, journals, or other publications.

Future development

Next steps for development include:

  • Incorporating image/tag recognition to contextualize interactive elements
  • Building a UWP app to house the compiled application
  • Hunting bugs and documenting code ## Components
  • ModelBank: C# object-oriented resource location indexing-by-page solution
  • Holo | Scholar App: Unity-based HoloLens integration ## Contributors
  • Maxwell Hunsinger
  • Angus L’Herrou
  • Viking Mayor
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