Team members: Kristy Garrison, Design Thinking, UX - Dustin Gottschall - Developer - Ron Dagdag - Developer (ThyssenKrupp employee) Pooch Puchosic - Jr. Developer, Tester, Presenter - Hayden Gottschall - Creative Genius -


  • used Design Thinking to determine a use that could support the cost of a HoloLens while providing a unique use and solving a smarter city project.
  • Opted to tell the story of Adam, a Sr. Manager at Fulton County Command Center with a job full of responsibilities and data overload.

What it does

  • HoloResponse allows a command center operator to direct the response of a team (swat, police, etc) from a vantage point currently not available.
  • users will be able to pull in social and traffic feeds, deploy a drone in the event real time video is required, and participate in conference calls, emails, radio conversations, etc - all from one screen.

How I built it]

  • Unity and C#

Challenges I ran into

  • Seemed every new build broke something :) Welcome to coding!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The team was able to inject humor after staying up for 20+ hours!
  • Networked 4 HoloLenses together to demonstrate a shared view.
  • added voice commands.

What I learned

  • Design Thinking
  • HoloLens capabilities
  • Unity

What's next for HoloResponse

  • without access to a Hololens... probably not much. The emulator just isn't the same.

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